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Best Ayurveda Therapist Course in Kerala | Learn Ayurveda
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If you are searching for a college to pursue your medical career and knowledge in Ayurveda, then the Jeevaya Institute of Education and Training in Malappuram is best. This institute was established in 2012 by a team of prominent scholars and visionaries providing Ayurveda therapist course in Kerala.


Here, at Jeevaya, we impart an ethical, moral, and value-based education to our students with dedication. Our institute provides a holistic learning approach by surrounding them with the environment and nature.

For achieving excellence in technical and skillful education, our institute has set specific objectives and well-designed plans. And because of these plans, we succeed in delivering employment to the students having a distinction or excellent result. All pass out students from our institute are owing a good income by handling their high post in the medical sector.

Without keeping any study criteria, our professionals deliver knowledge and a learning environment beyond the given textbook and syllabus. This knowledge helps the students to ignite the desire to explore their skills at the next level.


What are the 6 major Highlights of the Jeevaya Institute of Education and Training?  

The first thing people focus on at our institute in Malappuram is the excellent quality of education and employment we deliver to our students. However, we have outstanding professionals and faculties with distinctive academicians.

Now, talking about the major highlights, we have


1. Minimum Qualification SSLC

We provide intakes to the students having a minimum SSLC qualification certificate. We try to observe and improve their marks by giving maximum guidance in their studies till graduation.

2. Food and accommodation are available


The candidates or students taking admission from different cities or states do not need to worry about food and accommodation. Here, at our campus, you will get food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The accommodation is also available with all the facilities in it.


3. Affordable Fee

Jeevaya Institute of Education and Training has very affordable fees compared to other Ayurveda colleges and institutes. You can also even contact us for detailed information related to the fee structure.


4. Eco-Friendly Campus

The whole college campus is surrounded and designed like an ancient gurukul that allows the students to explore the plants and gain as much knowledge they can. The lectures of the students are held between the environment, and so it is eco-friendly too.


5. Certified by Promoted Agencies under the Government of India

Our institute is under the government and has all certificates related to it. We are certified by promoted agencies for running our campus under the Government of India.


6. 100% Placement Assistance with Attractive Salary

We assure our students to give the best placements and jobs after graduation with an attractive salary within and even outside India.


What are the best Ayurveda Courses?

 Jeevaya Institute is one of the leading institutes for Ayurveda courses. Here, we specialize in Spa Therapy and Panchakarma Therapy. Both of these therapies are in demand as most students are opting for them and are 100% job-guaranteed in the field of Ayurveda Medicine and Ayurveda Tourism to learn Ayurveda.

Students can choose any of them depending upon the kind of interest they have. Let us make you more familiar with both Spa Therapy and Panchakarma Therapy.


 As we all know, Ayurveda is known as a rich repository of treatment methods since ancient Medical Science of India. Among all the various methods, Panchakarma is an essential treatment for our body.

It is a treatment that removes accumulated toxins and purifies our body. Here, Pancha means five, and karma means actions. Mainly, there are five actions used to execute the toxins. Before starting this treatment, the patient’s body undergoes Abhyanga and Purvakarmas.

However, after this procedure, the actual treatment of Panchakarma begins according to the needs of the patient’s body. The rejuvenated body has to follow dietary steps known as Paschatyakarmas. Panchakarma ensures longevity and health gained through this treatment continues for a longer period.

This information was all about the Panchakarma and its treatment. Now, let’s see the syllabus included in the Ayurveda Nursing Panchakarma Therapy by our institute.

Panchakarma mainly consists of five steps. Mainly,

  • Vamana – vomiting and treats Kaphaj disorder.
  • Virechana – purging laxatives or detox the body and mind.
  • Vasti – medicated oil enemas for nourishing body tissues
  • Nasya – medication administrated through the nasal passage.
  • Raktha Moksha – purification of blood

Syllabus of Panchakarma in Jeevaya Institute includes,

  • History of Ayurveda
  • Principles of Ayurveda
  • Anatomy
  • Abhyanga
  • Kizhis Dharas
  • Udhvarthana
  • Bahya Vastis




 Relaxation and Rejuvenation Therapy are the two Spa therapies. In these therapeutics, the water is used in various applications to dissolve anxiety, pressure, and ill-feeling. The Spa has many different massage systems developed by different cultures across the globe.

However, if you see the syllabus and education of Jeevaya institute, they have well-qualified spa therapists and professionals. In the study, we use the latest international Spa techniques for the better treatment of the patients.

The syllabus of the Spa Therapy includes many various types of massages. They are:

  • Spa Massages
  • Swedish Massages
  • Thai Massage
  • Balinese Massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Hot Stone Therapy
  • Beauty Therapies
  • Electric Current Therapy

Apart from these massages and therapies, many various Spas are also there in our institute syllabus.

What are the Diploma in Ayurveda and its Eligibility [2021]

 Diploma in Ayurveda is a two-year pre-undergraduate course. Now, talking about the eligibility criteria, the candidate who has taken the science stream in 12th can go for Diploma in Ayurveda. Apart from this, the candidate should have at least 50% or above in 10+2 in a particular state or recognized board.

Popular Traditional Ayurveda Nursing Campus in Kerala

 Jeevaya Institute of Education and Training is the popular traditional Ayurveda nursing campus in Kerala(Malappuram dist.). The surrounding of the campus is environment friendly giving the lively feels of study to the students.

In adjacent to serene and nature, students can build their careers in Ayurveda and Spa Therapy or treatment sectors.

Best Ayurvedic Cosmetology Institution and Education in Kerala

 As you know by now, the Jeevaya Institute of Education and Training is the best Ayurveda campus in Malappuram, Kerala. All the ayurvedic courses are certified and approved by the government. Here, you get to study Panchakarma Therapy and Spa Therapy.

Our institute assures and helps the students to find their job in a better sector. We teach them to shape their future and lifestyle through Ayurveda by facing life in the correct direction.

How to get an Ayurveda Nursing Admission in Kerala?

 If you are looking for the best Ayurveda nursing institute in Kerala, then the Jeevaya Institute of Education and Training (Malappuram dist.) is one for you. Generally, the admission process depends upon the performance of the student in the relevant conducted exams.

Apart from this, a candidate needs to fill a form with all the correct details and information in it. Select the course in which you want to pursue your Ayurveda degree. After filling in all the information, submit your form with the correct phone number in Jeevaya institute.

Hence, the above-mentioned is the information about the best Ayurveda college in Kerala. I hope this article helped you to have your answer along with an overview of Jeevaya Ayurveda college.